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Christchurch Rebuild

The Civil part of the re-construction is starting to taper off and the
vertical construction is starting to gain momentum. Your Union
will be part of that phase of the re-build. We are also investigating
a strident ‘Heat’ policy. We have had at least two cases of workers
overcome by heat exhaustion. That is two too many and the idea
that it is the workers responsibility to stop is nothing short of the
employer or the principle contractor trying to offload their
responsibility to those workers.


We are also part of a safety project at the Blood Bank site. This
vertical construction project is being managed and built by
Hawkins Construction. We have committed fully to the project
and hope anything we learn out of this can be carried on to other
sites. If it makes it safer, then it has to be good.




Northern News - 03 December 2015

We have just completed our AGMs. The attendance was great and members were positive about the report. We have a few issues raised by our members of which the union is attending too.

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test - 03 September 2015

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AWUNZ Logo - 25 August 2015

The Executive of the Northern Amalgamated Workers Union has endorsed a proposed change to the logo.

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